The TAD Cadillac CTS

Tim Allen Design (TAD) and Tecstar/Wheel to Wheel are taking their enthusiasm for Cadillac products to another level with the introduction of a unique new Cadillac CTS of their own design.

Tim’s relationship with Jeff Beitzel and Wheel to Wheel includes design projects such as the 1996 TAD Chevy LT5 Impala SS, the Chevy G1500 “Tool Time” Van specifically designed for the show “Home Improvement”, and the 2000 TAD Cadillac DeVille DTSi.

Because of his excitement over Cadillac’s product direction and his enthusiasm over the new CTS, Tim has once again teamed up with Jeff Beitzel to add their personal performance and styling enhancements to the Cadillac CTS Sport basic package.

The “Silver-Ice” TAD version of the CTS features exterior additions including 18-inch wheels, 14-inch brakes, special interior trim, a rear spoiler, new front grill and screen, Corsa stainless steel polished exhaust system and body-side rocker panels to add a more aggressive appearance. There are numerous engine and chassis modifications with a belt-driven turbo compressor, a unique air-induction and charge air cooler assembly and a height-reduced modified suspension.

Tim Allen Design, located in North Hollywood California, has been formed to provide styling and performance enhancements and ultimately produce TAD-designed Limited Edition Vehicles.

Tecstar/Wheel to Wheel is a leading vehicle systems designer, integrator and production/manufacturer/assembler of new body styles, mid-cycle enhancements, specialty products and high-performance engines and drivetrains.